How Well Do You Know U2 Band?

Did you know that three of U2’s band members identify themselves as strong Christians? Indeed, U2 is famous for promoting socially and politically conscious messages on different issues such as war, hunger, human rights, poverty and sickness. The band has been known to be at the forefront of promoting charity and other efforts that improve lives of the unfortunate around the world.


U2 was formed in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland by band members Bono (songwriter and lead singer), The Edge (vocals, keyboard and lead guitar), Adam Clayton (bass guitar),   and Larry Mullen Jnr (drums). The band was under the management of Paul McGuiness who passed away in 2013.


U2 have had 12 studio album releases:

  • Boy (1980)
  • October (1981)
  • War” (1983)
  • The Unforgettable Fire (1984)
  • The Joshua Tree (1987)
  • Rattle and Hum (1988)
  • Achtung Baby (1991)
  • Zooropa (1993)
  • Pop (1997)
  • All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000)
  • How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004)
  • No Line On the Horizon (2009)

Social/political Messages

U2 have been vocal about several issues around the world causing misery and suffering in one way or another. As Irishmen, the band sang about the Irish troubles in their song ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday.’ They also sang about drug addiction in their hometown of Dublin in the song ‘Bad.’

U2 were at the forefront of organizing the ‘Live Aid’ concert in 1985 to fight hunger in Africa. The group’s performance helped put them on the world’s radar and their popularity soared beyond expectation.  The following year, the band performed to support Amnesty International, the global human rights NGO.

The band has also performed for charity in addressing devastating occurrences such as the Omagh bombing, the Bosnian civil war, September 11 attacks, and the war in Chile. U2 have also been vocal against the debt on third world countries participating in the Live 8 series of concerts to highlight the oppressive nature of these debts.


Even though U2 are not given to perform to large commercial audiences, they have been one of the most decorated bands in rock music. Some of their awards include:

  • Grammy award ‘Album of the Year’ in 1988 and 2006. They are the rock band with the highest number of Grammy awards at 22.
  • They have been ranked number 29 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Rock & Roll.
  • They were ranked number 4 on Forbes Magazine celebrity list 100
  • They were the 4th rock band to be featured on Time Magazine cover.

U2 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005 and continues to thrill fans with their socially conscious and entertaining music.

Why Hire a Man and Van Services

When you need to move your home office to a commercial space at the other end of town, you need a vehicle larger than your saloon car, but smaller than a truck. This is where a man and van service comes in. it is just the right size for a few bulky items like your desk and office chair. This service beats making several trips across town, or hiring a van and driving it yourself. A man and van service comes with some benefits.

Stress-free transport 5

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What are U2’s Greatest Albums?

If you ask any U2 fan, they will tell you that some of the Irish band’s albums made them weep tears of joy while some albums made them feel like stoning the band. However, the fans seem to all agree that U2 has been one of the most versatile rock bands re-inventing themselves every time they have a new album. The fans also agree that of U2’s 13 albums, the greatest include:

Achtung baby (1991)

The German ‘Achtung’ is to show the inspiration source for this album. U2 went to West Berlin as the wall was about to come down. They worked at Hansa Tonstudio, the same studio where Davis Bowie and Iggy Pop worked a decade earlier.

The stay in Berlin inspired a new tune. It was a mix of Euro-disco, German Techno and Krautock. The new tune surprised fans who were used to U2’s signature anthemic tunes first heard on Joshua Tree. This ability to reinvent themselves in readiness for the exciting 90’s won them scores of fans.

The Joshua Tree (1987)

In this album, U2 reminded rock fans that music was not just entertainment but could also carry strong political and social messages. U2 did the album in 1987 after accelerating to world fame for their role in the Live Aid concert that was held in the support of famine victims in Africa.

U2 condemned Reagan’s South American policy in the song “Bullet to the Sky.” They spoke out against Pinochet’s forced disappearances of political activists in “The Mothers of the Disappeared.” These conscious messages earned them a place on the cover of Time Magazine.


U2’s third album was to highlight the issues of conflict in the world. This was partly to highlight the conflict going on in their native Ireland. The songs “New Year’s Day,” and “Sunday Bloody Sunday” became massive hits. The groups also started on peace advocacy waving white flags in their concerts.


U2’s debut album was about the transformation of boys into men. The band members were in their early 20’s and were yet to make a big name on the music stage. With titles such as “I will follow” U2 announced their arrival on the music stage with a unique sound.

All You Can’t Leave Behind

Critics have said this is the easiest U2 album to listen to. It has the massive hits “Beautiful day” and “Elevation.” The group was intent on reminding the world that they were still a big name in rock which is what happened with this album.

Move out or End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

It is time to go. You have packed all your household items, and the movers are taking them to the waiting trucks. Before you leave, it is important to have the entire house cleaned off the clutter that is usually left behind. This is beneficial to you and the owner of the house especially if you had some deposit in his hands. Moreover, it ensures that you do not leave personal items behind for others to see (even if they are trash).

It is amazing the amount of trash we can generate as human beings where we live. Old boxes, calendars, torn wall hangings, old curtains and practically anything that you do not want to find its way to the new home require clearing. Several other fixtures at the house require scrubbing so that they are left in the best possible condition.

Checklist for move out and end of tenancy cleaning: 

  • Have all personal items removed
  • Cleaning should only start when the house is cleared of all the personal items. Other personal items that you do not wish to move with should be destroyed by burning or shredding.
  • All nails on the wall should be removed. In addition, any other items that may have been glued to the wall are stripped and removed.
  • All the fixture are dusted off
  • The kitchen appliances are cleaned (if the house had fixed kitchen appliances)
  • Cleaning out cabinets
  • Scrubbing of countertops and sinks
  • Scrubbing the bathtub, shower, and toilets
  • Wiping down the baseboards and garage walls
  • Sweeping and vacuuming all the floors
  • Any mildew or mold growth is treated with inspection in the vents and air conditioning systems

You may not do the move out cleaning on your own given the hustles of moving out and the time requirement. You also require cleaning equipment that you may not have at hand. Thus, it is recommended that you seek a professional move out cleaning company to handle the cleaning.

Move out cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning is usually done as soon as the tenant leaves. It is important to book for the service just before leaving the house so that the cleaning company comes in as soon as you leave the house. It is always said that it is good to leave the place better than you found it. It is also good to avoid giving the homeowner reason to use some of the security deposit in the name of cleaning and preparing the house for the next client. Whatever your cleaning circumstances you can always rely on Tenancy Cleaning London to take care of your cleaning chores.

The Joshua Tree by U2 rock band

The Joshua Tree by U2 rock band

The Irish Rock Band U2 released their fifth album, The Joshua Tree, in March of the year 1987 under Island Records. The record was a bit different from their 1984 album, Unforgettable Fire that featured soft and ambient rock sounds. The latter had hard-hitting tones but were contained within the conventional song structure.

The Joshua Tree was highly influenced by the American roots music with part of the album influenced by the group’s Irish roots. The band has an American connection as seen in their lyrics that push the social and political agenda disguised as spiritual imagery. According to the band members, the album was inspired by their American tour. This made them choose America as the theme for the record.

The record’s tone was also inspired by other events that included the members’ participation in the concerts for Amnesty International dubbed the Conspiracy of Hope concerts. The death of one of the members called Greg Carroll, and the travels that the lead vocalist Bono had to the Central America also added to the mood of the album.

The production was also influenced by the Americans. The bad went for the cinematic production that was popular on American streets at the time. They also made the cover with scenes from the American landscape especially the desert areas.

The album was highly received across the world and made it to the top in over twenty countries. It also went ahead to sell twenty-five million copies. This officially put it as one of the world’s best-selling albums of all time. The songs that moved the crowds off the album included hit singles like ‘With Or Without You,’ ‘I Still Haven’t Found What Am Looking For’ and the single, ‘Where The Streets Have No Name.’

The album earned the band Grammy Awards for The Album of the Year and later on ‘The Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. Thirty years down the line, the band held an anniversary tour with the remastered album that they had done ten years earlier and had the reissue of the album.

The US Library of Congress found the album historically, culturally, and aesthetically significant to the USA which led to its selection and preservation in the National Recording Registry.

The Joshua Tree is one of the best works that have come from the rock band U2 to date. The timelessness of the song and the characteristic trademark sound makes the album worth listening.


Earn your deposit with end of tenancy cleaning

London landlords require that potential tenants pay up a certain amount of money as a deposit prior to moving into a house. While this amount could be any amount as stipulated in the rental agreement, it is security for the premises owner that any damages or rent arrears will not be a liability to them. Most tenants get back the full amount of their deposit money when they move out, but for many others, it is not as simple. A landlord, if acting within the rental agreement, can withhold full or partial deposit money. Cleanliness is probably the most overlooked aspect of a rental agreement because while the tenant is in a hurry to move out of the premises, the landlord is concerned about its readiness for the next occupant.

If your landlord is particular about the cleanliness of their property at the end of tenancy, ensuring that you honour this part of the agreement since it is crucial to getting your deposit back. There are specialized companies that take the burden of moving out cleaning off your back, but if you are unable to raise the fees, are particular about doing the job right or have time to carry out cleaning at the end of your tenancy, you can arrange for a bargain. Here is what you need if hiring professional cleaners to clean your premises at the end of tenancy London consider Citi Clean;

A cleaning schedule

Most landlords require a written notice to vacate premises so that they have ample time to not only advertise for re-occupation but also allow room to repair any damaged fittings. A cleaning schedule should be drawn within this notice period, and most tenants find that incorporating it into regular cleaning saves both time and energy. For instance, you are concerned that the bathroom faucets are dull and appear rusty. Instead of waiting to clean the bathroom on the same day you clean the kitchen surfaces, you can take a few minutes each time you clean it to restore the shine. This will ensure that the condition of components is still good when cleaners come, and the charges will be low.

A cleaning checklist

Most London landlords provide a checklist of items or components of a premise which they use to assess the readiness of a rental space to new tenants. Without a checklist of your landlord’s expectations, it can be impossible to clean adequately. Request for this list from the landlord when you are ready to start cleaning to save time and ensure you get your deposit back. Cleaning London can de daunting task but its important for when moving out.

Moving out requires time and careful planning so as to avoid disputes at the end of the tenancy period. With the right cleaning company handling the job and ample planning, your deposit should be intact.

You can’t get enough of U2

You can’t get enough of U2

U2’s Legacy

U2 is no doubt one of the most iconic rock bands of the century. This is attributed not just to the fact that they are well known by music lovers, who are not even accustomed to rock music, but because they have steadily grown into a legacy. Are they the best band that ever lived? Well, that is up for debate depending on whom you ask. Personally, I leave it at the fact that their influence over the years has been an undeniable force.

Great hits

You cannot be a legacy, without having something to show for it. U2 certainly do not disappoint when it comes to this with some of the greatest hits and albums of the century. Over the years, a lot of their hits have topped charts all around the world. For a band that became a hit in the 80’s, this a remarkable feat especially considering that their kind of sound may have gotten lost over the years.


I believe that the true mark of a legend lies in the consistency of his actions. With U2, that all has to do with the sound. Growing technologies have made it possible for artists to produce their music in studios without the human element. While plenty of artists have taken on the simpler route, U2 have remained true to their style of music, sound and lyricism over the years. The lineup has also stayed strong and intact even though there have been issues. This is perhaps one of the only rock band whose core lineup has remained unchanged for over 3 decades.


This all has to do with lyricism. Touching on topics that actually matter, U2 has impacted the lives of many in different ways. They have created awareness on important sociopolitical issues but that is not their greatest influence. Being able to connect with the emotions of an individual on a personal scale by speaking about everyday issues that the person goes through is something that in my opinion is more than just remarkable.

Sold out live performances, the mark of a dedicated following

U2 has amassed a dedicated fan base whose magnitude can only be estimated by the attendance of their concerts. This is greatly one of the most sold out bands in rock history with all their live events being completely sold out. This has gone on to make live events their greatest revenue stream especially since their records are no longer grossing as high as they used to.


U2 has taken over the minds and hearts of many people in the years since it was formed. And it will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of many, long after it ends. If that isn’t an awe-inspiring legacy, I don’t know what is.